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VIO specializes in helping people overcome obstacles that prevent them from achieving their goals and dreams.

Surely everyone knows that: Suddenly you have reached a point in life where you have to change something. You then often have the feeling that you are stuck in a hopeless situation - be it professionally or privately. A solution does not seem to be in sight since thoughts are constantly circling around the problems. A view from the outside helps here. A sparring partner who advises us competently and sensitively and analyzes the different options with us in more detail.

This is exactly where VIO comes in: VIO supports you in finding out the pitfalls and in achieving your wishes and goals. Are you looking for support in change processes, in the personal development of leadership skills, would you like to strengthen teamwork in your company and improve corporate communication? VIO is at your side step by step with advice and action.

Because every successful goal achievement plan requires a clear focus, high motivation and effective action steps. I will help you with my business know-how - with Strategy, Heart and Mind.

Customer focus

Reach your goals in a way that really motivates and inspires you.


Transform your life - be sincere to yourself and others.

Proactive instead of reactive

Act proactively instead of just reacting - take matters into your own hands.

Act now!

Change your life today and don't just plan for the future.

„The purest form of madness is to leave everything as it is and at the same time hope that something changes.“

- Albert Einstein -


Coaching for your success

Coaching is about change and communication processes that are valuable for success. Your individual professional wishes and goals are therefore in the foreground for me.

Yoga - the art of finding yourself

Yoga, a philosophical teaching from India, is about self-knowledge and finding: Find your practice, your direction, your core, your heart, your community, your creative spark, your center and your guiding star.

Hypnosis - activate your potential

Hypnosis coaching & mental training is about communicating with your own subconscious in order to break down obstacles faster and more effectively and achieve personal goals.


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